Reasons why you Should Think of Getting Weighted Blankets

By | June 6, 2018

Weighted blanket therapy is a new way to help people with anxiety, stress, and insomnia problems. It is an effective way of handling these problems that anyone may try because all you need is the right kind of material made into a blanket. Luckily, many stores offer you the benefits at an affordable cost and the choice you make will narrow down to the style of blanket you most prefer. Furthermore, the blankets work well for anyone. You can use them as an adult, or have them for your teens and young children. They are an excellent alternative to regular blankets, and they do not compromise the comfort. Here are additional reasons to consider getting yours from a reputable weighted blanket company.


comfortThey Calm you Down

Weighted blankets have calming effects when they cover your body for sleep. They cover your shoulders and your legs to offer relief and comfort while also helping to adjust your senses. The input helps people who are experiencing any form of sensory disorders. The blankets increase the production of melatonin and serotonin as you sleep, leading to deeper sleep cycles.


Fix Sleep Disorders

The therapy you receive from the blankets will allow you to fall asleep faster and to stay sleeping when there are distractions or when the sleeping environment is not very conducive. These properties are very important today because most people sleep with alarms, phones and other household gadgets that are always on. The light from late night TV and chatting on a smartphone can also contribute to insomnia. Thus, it is a good thing to have an additional therapy to counter the effects and allow you to go into deep sleep easily.


They are Effective Aids for Older People

Older people may experience significant health deterioration, which requires them to take extra measures to accomplish various activities in a day. For instance, Alzheimer’s disease can affect their capabilities. However, they can use the special blankets to induce a calming effect. They can help to address the effects and rejuvenate the older person’s sleep routine.


Increase Productivity

People who sleep better give their brains time to tackle challenging problems unconsciously and this allows them to stay productive during the day. It can be a useful tip for helping children who experience autism spectrum disorder. They need to find ways fo sleeping better for longer, and the weighted blankets should be a number one choice for such therapy. The blankets also help with restless leg syndrome to ensure that the user manages to sleep without any distractions. Many adults today have to leave work late in the evening, and they do not get sufficient time to relax. The blankets can be helpful so that they wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to tackle new tasks.


sleepFeeling Safe while you Sleep

The feeling of safety can be good for children and adults who experienced trauma. The deep pressure touch improves the perception of safety and lets the body relax. The ideal weight will vary according to the user of the blanket, and the effects will be immediate.