Fuel Saving Tips

Most people complain whenever the price of fuel goes up. Very few people understand the mysteries behind the increases and decreases in the fuel cost. This call for proper measures which can improve the gas mileage irrespective of the brand that you are driving whether new or old one. The measures adopted for saving the fuel consumption also helps in cutting down the fuel costs.

Here are some of the basic tips you can use to save the amount of fuel consumed.

Tire pressures

You are sutiredpposed to check the tire pressures regularly at least on a weekly basis. Under-inflate tires lead to excessive rolling resistance that contributes to the burning of more fuel. Tires should have the right pressure to reduce the rolling resistance and thus use less fuel.

Heaviness of the Load

An overloaded vehicle has to work harder to meet the high energy needed. This means that more gas will be burned when operating a loaded vehicle. However, this can not always be avoided, but there are some loads that need to be offloaded from the car at times such as the tire chains and other sporting equipment. Your loads should be as light as possible if you want to enjoy the benefits of saving fuel.

Watching you lead footsWatching you lead foots

Most of the drivers like punching the accelerator when making quick manoeuvres. By so doing they not enjoy fuel saving. A consistent speed should be maintained as well as the use of cruise control especially when you are driving on the highways. These practices help you in consuming less fuel. In addition, you can arrive at your destination safely and in a calmer state.

Planning your tips carefully

Are you aware that a car burns more fuel when it is cold? You should, therefore, consider performing most of your activities in a single trip. Avoid taking numerous trips from cold starting. A relatively warm vehicle will be more efficient on saving fuel compared to a cold one.

Regular versus premium fuel

Most people have the notion that premium fuelled vehicles can improve their fuel saving. However, that is not true. Furthermore, studies conducted reveal that only 6% of the vehicles require premium fuel. If your car is not recommended for premium, then you might be wasting your money.

Having a regular maintenance schedule

Your vehicle should be maintained and serviced regularly. This helps in the fuel saving plan. Even the small problems like poor quality oil could cause your vehicle to work hard thus using more fuel.