Steel Building Construction

A steel building construction refers to the metal anatomical structure that is fabricated with the steel metal for the exterior cladding and internal support. The steel-framed building on the other hand refers to the buildings that in addition to steel use the other materials in areas like the external envelope, walls, and floors. There are different types of the steel building construction. Visit for the different types of steel building construction. Steel fabrication is another term that is used to refer to steel construction.

Different types

Conventional steel construction

Conventional steel constructionThe conventional steel construction refers to the scenario whereby the different steel metals are cut to the recommended length they are then welded to come up with the final structure. The conventional steel construction can be entirely performed at the site of construction. It is however, usually tasking. It can also be done on a workshop. It is recommended that the exercise be done in a workshop because a workshop has better working practices and the time taken to perform the exercise is greatly reduced.

The bolted steel fabrication

This type of steel fabrication takes place after the other types of steel fabrication is conducted. It is performed after the steel fabricators have been produced and thereafter painted using the steel components. The final product is then usually taken to the construction site and then bolted in its place. This is one of the most popular methods of steel fabrications.

The bulk construction of this type of steel fabrication is recommended to be done in the workshops because the workshops have the right lighting, protection, work conditions, and machinery. It is critical to note that the final work can only be done at the construction site. This involves the lifting the different parts of steel into their rightful positions then bolting them.

The light gauge fabrication

The light fabrication is a type of construction that is popular in the residential buildings of parts of Europe and North America. This type of fabrication is alike to the wood-framed construction. The exception is however that the members of the light steel are used instead of the wood in the 2 x 4.  The thin light steel that measures between one and three millimeters is used in this case. They are usually bent to form either the z-sections or the c-sections.


Conventional steel constructionThe steel building construction is one of the best in the world because they are known to stand a rest of time. The building is able to last for many years as it is able to withstand most of the external conditions like extreme weather, heat, and stress just but to mention a few.