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Dangers of Termites Infestation at Home

By | June 5, 2018

Termites are not the best visitors to have in your home. They do a lot of damage and will put your family’s health at risk. Although their intention is to find a reliable source of food and not harm humans, there are many dangers of termites infestation at home. You need to know how to identify the correct species and deal with them. Let’s look into what you would be expecting in the face of termites at your home:

Wooden Structure Damage

If you have a wooden floor and furniture, termite infestation is not what you want to hear. In a few years, you will have no floor, and your furniture will be in a sorry state. If you do not take early action, you may as well forget about everything wooden in your home.


Allergies and Asthma

In their destruction, termites will release dust and a range of other particles into the air in your home. , and the entire house will be a living mess. Allergies will come knocking, and you know how difficult it is to deal with such especially when you do not know the cause. In some cases, asthma will be prevalent. It is not easy having to sneeze every time you are at home.

Increased Energy Bills

With a lot of particles in the air and lots of dirt to clean, your air conditioning will be forced to work harder. This will mean that more electricity will be used. With some holes in your basement and walls in the case of wooden walls and floors, it will be a difficult task to keep your home cold or warm as seasons change.

Spread of Mold Spores

In the wake of their destruction, termites will leave a trail of mold spores. This is because of the decay of wooden stuff in your home. Mold is a form of a bacterium and will lead to a score of health risks at your home. Now you will have to deal with two problems: the termites and bacteria. For young children, this environment is dangerous as they will get sick now and then.

Fall in Your Home’s Value

In the long run, and when you decide to sell your home, termites will make sure your home value takes a nosedive. No one would pay the right price for a house infested with termites. They would want a slash of your asking price because they have some leverage.


How to Deal with Termite Infestation

Once you notice the earliest presence of termites in your home, it is time you take action. Call a terminator to be on the save side. Of course, there are DIY tips to deal with termites, but you may not get to the bottom of the problem. You need professionals who will not only deal with the termites but will also help you prevent any future infestations.

With all the dangers of termites’ infestation at home, you should not take the matter lightly. Spring into action immediately and rid your home of these nasty and destructive bugs. Hopefully, your home will never have to be damaged by termites after reading this post.…